Daddy's Home!

So Daddy just got home for Oklahoma and as I mentioned earlier, that place is like Hell. This week I can tell you it sure was hot as hell! Today when I left OKC it was 104F.
In addition, it seems that Northwest is trying to save some money because the air conditioning wasn't working while we were sitting on the tarmac. Holy crap was that hot! (and sweaty & stinky...) That being said, I looked anorexic compared to the 450 pound mammoth of a man sitting across the isle from me. I could see the pain in his eyes the entire two hours home. Poor fella...

While I was gone, I missed out on one of Sylvia's firsts... Her first zit!
Things could be worse, like the day before the Prom or something, but I am sure she will get over it. She did however venture out of the house for a trip to the Mall of America on Thursday night. She had to cover up the zit to make sure no boys saw it! From what Jamie tells me, she only got a couple phone numbers. Needless to say, those phone numbers met the working end of the paper shredder the minute I walked in the door. Eighteen more years before this one is talking to boys!

More later... Good Night!


bumblebee said...

This is, without a doubt, the most entertaining blog that I've ever read.
Thank goodness, and everyone else,for air conditioning.
Miss you, Jamica!!

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