Sneaky Momma

Dad thinks he is the only one who can blog, well mom thinks that dad is a little long winded. She just wants to post lots of pictures. This morning we did a little tummy time. As you can see it was fun at first, then very tiring and then not so good.

learning to stick her tongue out

so tired

tummy time is over rated

After tummy time we did a little dancing and singing. She is the only one who can stand my singing voice, probably because she doesn't know any better. I think her favorite song today is Matt Nathanson-Come On Get Higher. She thinks he is cute. I told her that musicians are heart breakers but she already doesn't listen to me. I guess she will have to figure a few things out on her own. That's enough writing for today, I need to bet back to my bon bons and soap operas.


Trinity said...

Yay! A Jamie post!
Save some bonbons for me. I'll be there soon.