One Month Old

Our first major age milestone - One Month Old!!!

It is hard to believe that we have been blessed with little Sylvia for one month already. Time seems to fly by, and I am sure it will continue to. Before you know it, she will be asking for the car keys to go our on the town with her friends.

To highlight some of the changes over the last month, Jamie took a picture of Sylvia today wearing the same outfit she wore home from the hospital.

While the size difference may not be apparent, she sure has much more neck strength now than she did at two days old. The weight training must be paying off!

I will let you guys in on another little secret with our child. As you most likely are aware, Jamie and I are both chemical engineers, and safe to say, a little geeky. When I came across the following baby tracking website on July 15th, I knew this was for us. Basically this website keeps track of all the 'critical parameters' of a child. How much she eats, sleeps, and poops... I know you are just dying to see how Sylvia is doing, so here is a high level summary.

First the sleep tracker... The yellow bars indicate awake time and the blue bars indicate sleeping. There are also key stats posted which are interesting to monitor.

We Love Blue!!!

While the sleeping part of the equation may seem to be a little messy, I can say that she seems to be getting a pretty good pattern down. Now of course she will change that up, since I have mentioned it.

Due to respect of Jamie's 'milk makers', I won't share the nursing chart, but for those that understand the conservation of mass, what goes in, must go out... Here is the plot of Sylvia's 'working end'. The blue points are for a wet diaper and you can guess what brown is for! It is hard to believe that she has gone through 227 diapers as of this writing. Update - make that 228!

Taking Care of Business

Before we go, Jamie wanted to include a picture of Sylvia in one of her favorite positions. While you may think this isn't comfortable, it sure seems to be fine for Sylvia.


So you may have noticed, Sylvia looks a lot like her Daddy... In noticing not only the looks, but the characteristics of Sylvia, there seems to be a little bit of Mommy in her as well:

Sylvia's Traits

From Daddy:
Beer Belly
"Explosive" Digestive system
Good Looks

From Mommy:
Her Hair
Long Fingers
Ability to change moods instantaneously
Spelling skills
Her 'Charm'

Hope you all enjoyed Sylvia's one month birthday as much as we did. I am sure we will post again on her two month birthday, if not sooner?


Anonymous said...

Your stats are just too much. Love your humor!!

Trinity said...

Leave it to you two to chart poop! Also, who knit that lovely hat? Jamie? Was it you?