Almost One Month Old

Once again sorry for the delay in posting, but things are, as you know, busy. Actually, things are fine, but for some reason, I would rather sit in a chair and hold my dear daughter instead of type a blog post. Jamie really needs to learn to do this! (Jamie is already complaining... she "claims" she has plenty to do during the day)

Last week Wednesday, Jamie's work friends; Angel, Laura, and Sara, stopped by around lunch time for a visit. Jamie took some pictures but unfortunately, someone was messing with the camera settings and all of them turned out quite poor (sorry guys). It was good to see everyone again and catch up on things.

Grandma and Grandpa B came down on Thursday night for dinner and to visit with Jamie. Oh, I mean hold Sylvia! It was good to see the family and have some good socializing. "Missy, Missy, are you outside? I can hear you!" yells the little neighbor boy aka Missy's boyfriend. That was some funny stuff... Also that night, my sister Liz gave Sylvia a very fitting nickname... "Crazy Pants" aka "Loco Pantalones". And not to forget, a special thanks to Mom for the yummy desserts!

It was a crazy Friday night... we watched the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic games. Jamie did a little shopping in there as well, but we don't need to talk about that.

Saturday was spent doing 'chores' and 'running errands'. That's pretty much a normal weekend day. That night was capped off with a dinner at Scott and Liz's place. Since they are moving across the darn Cities, we need to get in as many BBQ's while they are still close. Jamie did drink almost a full beer! It was her first one in about 10 months and in her words was 'delicious'!

Jamie did harvest one bean from the garden on Saturday. Wow... our life is so exciting. Editor's note - Jamie wanted me to include this tidbit (including picture) so you all know we do have a life outside of Sylvia - just not too much of one!

Mr Bean Mr Dill

Finally, Sunday was our first family trip out to the cabin. It was too short, but a good first attempt at some relaxing time. Great-Grandpa Gil aka "The G Man" was introduced to Sylvia for the first time. He sure did seem happy to hold his second great grandchild.

"The G Man" and Sylvia

While the gals were sitting around gabbing, I thought I needed to live up to me new nickname - Hard Workin' Man - and do a little movin'. I am sure many of you have seen pictures of Redneck Moving Services, but if not, I have included a reference photo. Following is my best shot at it!
The Original Redneck Movers

Redneck In Training

And while on the topic of Rednecks, I had to include these lovely photos:

Man I love the Internet!