Happy Birthday Jared !

This weekend we enjoyed BLT's, burgers and fresh sweet corn for Jared's Birthday. Some of us also enjoyed cookie salad. How can cookie and salad go together?? Charleen just doesn't get it!

Blake being cute, as always...

Here is some lovely artwork that Jared did. This is Jamie's Wii character. This weekend we tried our first shot at Wii and Wii Fit. It is a pretty cool device and quite possibly something that will end up in the Brodd household. For those who don't know what a Wii is, welcome to 2008, but seriously, it is a videogame system that has incorporated 'working out' into it. It is very cool.

Proud Cousins

No explanation needed...

Finally, just wanted to say thanks for the fun time at the Twins game on Sunday. Jared and I enjoyed a wild and crazy game... A special thanks to Jacob and Missy for the 'upgraded' seats after the sixth inning.