One more HBD Violet Post...

Violet's teacher sent this to us on her birthday.  Violet was so proud of her birthday crown!

Violet's Party

After the Baby Steps 3K, we headed back to the house for food, dessert, and of course presents!

Violet's stained glass "V" from Auntie Liz

Cousins gave Violet a Bug House - Sylvia had to check that one out!

Happy 3rd Birthday

Sylvia should get candles as well, right?

Ready..., Set...,


The happy sisters

Round three - everyone gets to blow out the candles... again...

Even though the weather didn't cooperate, we had a great time celebrating Violet's 3rd birthday.

Of course we needed to save a couple presents for Violet's actual birthday.  Here are a couple snap shots of present opening after school on June 3rd.
Birthday card from Charlie

Happy Birthday Violet!!! 

Happy Golden Birthday Violet!!!

Have a wonderful day Violet!

Baby Steps 3K 2014

This past weekend we participated in the Baby Steps 3K to raise money for Children's NICU.  The weather was great and the cause even better!

It's all smiles when we have balloons!

The boyz

Dad and the girls walking to the starting line

 Team Violet 2014

 Following the walk, we had a quick bite to eat, and then the kids were off to have some fun on the slides and jumpy houses!

Sisters and Cousin flying down the slide

We made it!!!

The extended family enjoyed a bbq later in the day - unfortunately the rain didn't hold out, but we had a great time anyway... More pictures to follow.