5 Long Years

I bet you thought I was talking about my marriage :) Adam thought that was funny!

It took me exactly 5 long years to get Trinity to move home. I have been working on getting her back here for about 4 years and 11 months. She left the day after I got married and after having a baby she is moving home. Not really sure what that says about Adam :( Hopefully she likes our new addition or who knows where she will move next. We have been friends since 4th grade. I will have to dig up some pictures of the old days.

Maybe I will get a little knitting done once she moves back. I always seem to start a new project when I am visiting her and then that's about as far as it goes. With her here to bug me I might get a couple projects done.

Trinity and family will start their long drive tomorrow. Their 3 animals should make the trip a little extra interesting. I am guessing that she will have a good blog update next week.


Trinity said...

Awww! Thanks Jamie! I am very much looking forward to being your knitting task master.

Adam, don't worry. It isn't your fault! I think you are spiffy.

See you guys in a week!