Merry Christmas

Enjoy this years rendition of Rudolph...

Feeling Lucky???

Are you getting this beautiful gift for Xmas??
There was a drawing of a gnome in a hot air balloon, but he got colored over :-(

This is her "Merry Christmas" face.

This is her "seriously I need to wrap another present" face

Christmas is almost here!  We wish all our friends and family a safe and wonderful holiday.

Winter Storm Caeser

We were hit with the first major storm of the season... As it turns out, we are now naming our major winter storms now as well... So Caeser it is!

Phase 1 of the cleanup was Sunday morning around 9AM.  There was a solid 4-6" by then, but Sylvia was up for playing in the snow, so I attacked the driveway with a shovel.  Sylvia was also proud of her shoveling - and to be honest, it was much improved over last year.

Brief intermission for snow angels!

After lunch, a haircut for Sylvia, and a run to the grocery store, it was back outside for more fun in the snow.  This time little sister joined in the fun.

Sledding does not work very well in 12" of powder... 

Still snowing... 

One more time cleaning the driveway - this time with the snow blower - was finished around 7PM.  This morning we woke up to a drift at the end of the driveway from the snowplow and another 1-2 inches on the driveway. 

Besides the five+ hours spent in the car today back and forth to Hutchinson, we really enjoyed this first storm of the season...  especially when I get home to Sylvia waiting in her room, not being able to fall asleep until we have "story time".

Tonight's story was about her stuffed deer "Snowflake".  She had informed be that Snowflake lives with Santa and Rudolph doesn't live with Santa anymore.  When I asked her why Rudolph doesn't live with Santa anymore, the response was quick and direct... "Rudolph had to move because he was afraid of the adorable snowman!"  Translation of adorable is abominable...  I like her version better!  Hopefully she isn't having nightmares about that crazy looking thing!