Breaking News...

The stump fell off!

Yukky... or not so much. On Sunday (Age: 22 days), Sylvia lost the remaining piece of Jamie that was attached to her. It truly is amazing that she was feed and grew through that cord for over nine months, and now, three weeks after being outside of Jamie's belly, the left over dried up chunk of umbilical cord is now sitting on a burp rag. We are not really sure what to do with it. Some people have commented on putting it in a scrap book or even feeding it to the dog! YUK... I am thinking it is something that will end up in the garbage (or Kong!) at some point, we just are not at that stage of letting go yet.

Yesterday, another exciting development in Sylvia's life. Her first tears! While I was holding her last night, so was getting frustrated in my lack of milk production, and had to let me know about it. She screamed, wiggled, and then cried... real tears! It was quite cool. After a quick snack, she helped Daddy finish up some of the final touches on the bathroom remodel. She is a big fan on the cordless screwdriver.

Hard Workin' Baby

Finally, one last note on Lucy. She has been pretty good dealing with all of the changes around the house, like Mom and Dad still up at 11:30 every night, walks with a stroller, and of course, the smells of poopy diapers, but after looking at her face yesterday, Jamie and I are convinced that she has turned to drugs and liquor, since no one loves her anymore...

Strung Out Pug

That's about it for now. Jamie will have to take her shot at blogging to talk about her first real trip out of the house with Sylvia. Baby class at United Hospital! She wasn't really by her self, but Auntie Missy was a great 'partner'.

Also sending out a big Thank You to Jamie's Fairy Godmother. You know why!


Trinity said...

Ohh. Poor Lucy. She is no longer top dog of the Brodd house. I'm enjoying the blog. Keep it coming!