4th of July Celbration

The 12th annual 4th of July Celbration is officially in the books.  The weather was perfect, the food was perfect, and most importantly, the company was perfect!

Since we are on our fifth year out at Cokato Lake, we have developed a pretty solid routine when it comes to the 4th of July party.  Plans and guests slightly change from year to year, but for the most part it is the same.  It starts with Grandma and Grandpa B doing all of the behind the scenes work - mowing, weed whipping, cleaning the cabin, etc.  Then, usually on July 2nd or 3rd, we head out to the lake for fine tuning... blowing up water toys, prepping the beach, topping off the jetski, setting up the big tent, etc.

When the late morning of July 4th arrives, the crowds start showing up and we go non-stop for 24 hours...

Kiddos thinking about jumping in...

getting closer to actually swimming...

how about some tubing???

WHAT?!??!??!  Oasis Island has some company!  Tropical Tahiti debuted in 2014

of course we need some birthday cake for Sylvia

eat up kiddos

still eating...

How about a four-wheeler ride?  (Don't worry Jim, the big boys didn't ride there!)

When we are ramping down and out of the water for the day, we still can have floaty wars, right?

The one big change this year was that all those that came for the day, spent the night.  We had three families in the cabin and two in tents.  This is a real sign of how old the kids are getting...  Soon they won't want the parent around!  Until that day comes, we will continue to get together every 4th of July and spend time with our great set of friends.

Fun at the Cabin

In preparation for our annual 4th of July Celbration, we had some extra work to complete this year due to three large trees coming down in a storm.   After a full day of professional tree removal, we still had a bunch of logs to move as well as some reconstruction work on the beach.

The aftermath...

With the help of everyone, yes even Violet, we were able to move most of the large items from the beach area. 

The sand was able to be played in again.

We were able to finally put the dock in (mid-June!) and do some more cleanup in the woods and beach area. 

It was hard work for all, but that is par for the course with a lake property.  

There was some downtime as well.  Sylvia and grandpa put together one of her new Lego Friends kits!



MMMmmmmm Marshmallow

These are some older pictures we found on the camera, but may be fitting based on the 4th of July right around the corner.  Hopefully the kiddos can enjoy some smore's this weekend!

One more HBD Violet Post...

Violet's teacher sent this to us on her birthday.  Violet was so proud of her birthday crown!

Violet's Party

After the Baby Steps 3K, we headed back to the house for food, dessert, and of course presents!

Violet's stained glass "V" from Auntie Liz

Cousins gave Violet a Bug House - Sylvia had to check that one out!

Happy 3rd Birthday

Sylvia should get candles as well, right?

Ready..., Set...,


The happy sisters

Round three - everyone gets to blow out the candles... again...

Even though the weather didn't cooperate, we had a great time celebrating Violet's 3rd birthday.

Of course we needed to save a couple presents for Violet's actual birthday.  Here are a couple snap shots of present opening after school on June 3rd.
Birthday card from Charlie

Happy Birthday Violet!!! 

Happy Golden Birthday Violet!!!

Have a wonderful day Violet!