Beautiful day at the cabin

Perfect spring day at the lake!

Playing on the beach

Then in the water...

Outfit #2 (or #3?)

Planting trees

Bonus snowman pic!

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to me. I am blessed to be loved so much!

Photo taken by Missy--thank you!


I just wanted to share this picture. They always want to be in each others bedrooms, but then they fight. I can forget about that when they are this peaceful. When they are teenagers and don't like each other I will have this as proof that they used to love each other.

New Baby Chicks

The girls were at Grandma and Grandpa Chicken's house last weekend while we were curling.

I wanted to share this string of texts.

Grandma--"5:30 am: grandma I want pancakes"

Adam--"5:30 am: it's quiet  Why am I still sleeping. Where are the little monsters?" baby chicks

Grandma--"they really want a rabbit also"

Adam--"No rabbits please!"

Grandma--"Sylvia said if they can't have a rabbit can they have a bunny?"

While we did have 8 chicks at our house for a couple weeks, they are back with Grandma now.  

Happy Easter

Easter Eggs

Last weekend Violet wasn't feeling 100% since she has been fighting a cold, but that doesn't mean we can't dye Easter eggs, right?

After hard-boiling about a dozen eggs, prepping the solutions, and covering the table with multiple table clothes, we jumped into action.

Violet has always been "hands on"


When Sylvia had time, she really concentrated on the colors and made sure all surfaces were covered with color

The girls had a great time preparing these eggs.  Unfortunately, about three hours later, all dozen eggs fell out of the fridge and all but one was cracked.  Oh well - the hard boiled eggs are still being loved by the whole family, just not for their designs, but for their taste!

More Christmas

All the snow has melted so we better get this last X-mas post done.

Here we are at the Dunphy X-mas. The highlights were neck warmers and lottery tickets.

At our house we had stockings from Santa - only a week or so late!

I think Violet was trying to hide from her presents

Lastly we had the Brodd Christmas out at the cabin.  I had to use my cell to take pictures and all of them came out blurry except this one!

I think Adam may be the world's okayest husband and father as well!