Happy Birthday Violet!!! She is 5!!!

Our little one is growing up!!!   This past weekend, Violet invited a few friends over for a birthday celebration.

Butterflies in the trees and two happy girls!

The kids "cooking" before lunch

Lunch time...

A new game created... kick the ball while on the swing

I think she is getting tired of mom taking pictures - notice full piece of cake untouched!

Two happy girls closing out a great birthday party!!!

It's Spring!

 Violet and Sylvia's first baby cousin was born on April 14th. His name is Daniel Louis. He seems pretty perfect. He just sleeps and snuggles. I guess he cries when he gets his diaper changed, but I don't believe his parents. He is just too perfect!

Sylvia was pretty excited to hold him. Violet still needs to warm up to the idea. 

The girls also experienced their first convertible ride in Grandpa's fancy car.

After Grandpa "peeled out" and "fishtailed" a bit down the road, here was the girls reaction.  We are going to have to watch out for Violet... she is a bit of a wild child!

(It should be noted that Adam was not present for this horseplay.  He is the responsible parent!)

Slip and Slide

A missed blog post from last summer...  sending warm thoughts your way this cold winter week!

Happy Holidays!

It has been a while since we have posted, but with school starting back up tomorrow and us headed back into the office, we wanted to share a quick Happy Holidays post.

We headed out to Cokato Lake for Christmas this year.  While the day of was pretty brown, we got 6+ inches of the white stuff on the day following Christmas.

Perfect for snowmobile rides...

Chucking tennis balls to the pups...  

and snow angels!!!

We also cleaned the heavy snow off the tree branches for Grandma.

Winter is finally here!  Looking forward to more fun times both in Woodbury and Cokato Lake throughout the rest of the winter!  We may even get around to another blog post :-)

North Shore

Our North Shore trip with the extended McCracken crew was a great adventure for the whole family.  Between the 12 or so of us, we shared three cabins right on the water.  I mean RIGHT on the water.  Steps from our front (or back) door was Lake Superior.

While the shore was more one large rock, than the millions of small Lake Superior rocks we are accustomed to, it did make for some fun adventures.

Sylvia taking dad to her "climbing spot"

The girls chillin' on the ledge

Another rocky beach with some nice waves...

Of course we needed to stop at Gooseburry Falls

Big cousin Jared hanging out on the rocks

For the most part the weather was great... it was a bit warm to start the trip, but we survived due to multiple fans in the cabin.  As a matter of fact, it was enjoyed so much, we are already booked for 2016!  See you in 11 months North Shore!

4th of July Celbration

Long overdue post, but wanted to share the fun we had over the 4th....

Crafting time with Grandpa & Grandma

 I love the sand beach!

Tubing time

The Jetski was moving this year...

Charlie in the sand

Oasis Island 2.0

More and more tents each year... we must be getting old!

 Dinner time

and cake time!

Happy Sisters!

Thanks again to Jim and Virginia for giving up the cabin to celbrate the 4th of July!  The weather was perfect and the company was ever better!

Duluth Zoo

We have another trip to Duluth scheduled in less than a week, so we should finish all the posts from our last trip!

Even though Jamie and I spent 5 years living in Duluth, we never once visited the zoo.  I guess when you have kids, things change!  So when we decided to check out the zoo, we didn't know what to expect.  While small, I think the entire family was pleased with out visit.

All smiles in front of the bobcat exhibit.

A couple of monkeys!

This bear is huge!!!

The nice part of the exhibits is how close you can get to the animals.  The bald eagle is about 6 feet away!

The cockroaches are even closer!

The lion was warming itself in the sun

and Mr. Green Python greeted us to the reptile exhibit!

It was a great way to spend the morning in Duluth and now Violet has a new favorite Raffi song - "Going to the zoo"