Trick or Treat!

Even though this year was mighty cold, the girls made it all the way around the block.  Definitely a record!

After collecting their loot, we sat around the bonfire for a bit at the end of the driveway.  Halloween on a Friday night should've been crazy busy, but we only had about 25 kids stop by. 

Oh well, more candy left over for us!

Cinderella and The Cat


Happy Halloween!

MN Zoo

3M was kind enough to sponsor a family day at the MN Zoo last summer.  The weather was great and the girls loved the exhibits, including the Big Bugs exhibit!

There was even a snack provided for the 3M guests.  Bags of caramel popcorn and full size bomb pops!  These popsicles were huge, but of course the girls will able to complete the challenge.

Looking forward to spending some more time at the zoo following the renovations to the water exhibits!

Sylvia's Day at the Science Museum

Sylvia and Jamie went on a "girls day" to the Science Museum this summer.  While then attended, Jamie allowed Sylvia to capture whatever she wanted on the camera.  For your viewing pleasure, the Science Museum though the eyes of a 6 year old...

Jamie took this one obviously... pretty cool light exhibit

Enjoying a picnic lunch following the day inside

Violet's Unders

So we have been doing this potty training thing for a few months.  Sometimes it can get very frustrating, but then you look at this little peanut in her unders and don't sweat the 4 "accidents" she had that day!

1st Day of First Grade

Sylvia's 1st day of first grade was Sept 2nd.  While first days are always special, this one was a bit more as she started at a new school.  Footprints Academy closed their doors last year and through a summer of not knowing if she would have a new school or not, Woodbury Leadership Academy opened this year!  Sylvia's class is one of two 1st grade classes and she was "excited" to get back to school.

Sylvia from far away - at least the flowers are smiling!

We sort of got a smile here...

Mom and Dad dropped her off on her first day and it took a bit to settle in, but things have been pretty smooth since.

Looking forward to a great year at the new school.  We are certain that there will be some bumps in the road, but looking forward to building a relationship with these new friends!

Just a normal night...

This video is from last winter. Better late than never:)
Happy Tuesday!

Chery Picking and More celebrating

When we purchased our house the prior owners told us the cherry tree in the backyard was their anniversary tree.  Since we left our anniversary tree at our South Minneapolis house, we felt it was OK to adopt this one as our own.

The first year, we didn't really know if the cherries were edible or not.  As it turns out, they are, and are quite sought after. 

There are about 2 weeks of prime harvesting in which we spend 10-15 minutes each night picking the ripe cherries.  This year, the girls wanted to help, so why not use the child labor!

Big girls on daddy's ladder

Sylvia pointing out which ones to pick

Violet got one!

She is very happy with her harvest.

Around this time was Sylvia's birthday.  Since we don't all get together at the same time, it allows for her to spread out her celebrations.  Thank you Grandpa & Grandma Cabin and Auntie Missy for the great gifts!

We also had our 3 year and 6 year wellness visits for the girls.  All is well and the stats are as follows:

Weight - 40# 4oz (24th percentile)
Height - 41 5/8" (3rd percentile)
BMI - 16.3 (76th percentile)

Weight - 31# 8oz (59th percentile)
Height - 35 1/2" (13th percentile)
BMI - 17.7 (91st percentile)

How long will it take for Violet to weigh more than her sister?