1st Annual Cokato Lake Celbration

Another picture friendly posting!

We had a beautiful weekend for our 1st Annual Cokato Lake Celbration. We were lucky enough to enjoy the company of several of our friends and their families. Here is the happy group.

Group Shot
(left to right - Willards, Brodds, Nunberg sans Jen K, Roses, Stracks, and Harris')

With this being the first major gathering at my parent's new property, we didn't quite know how it would all work out, but in the end, I think it was pretty good.

We had smiling children...

Fun at the beach...

BIG Marshmallows...

And group hugs...

Prior to the big outing; Jamie, Sylvia, and I had some time to relax as well. We enjoyed the peace and quiet, but are also glad to be back home.

About one month before Sylvia was born, we took a picture of Jamie and Sylvia standing next to one of the new trees Mom and Dad planted. We took a picture last weekend around that same tree. This ritual will last for years to come. Mom - this is much less embarrassing than standing on Main St. taking a picture while your friends drive by and honk!

Jamie and Sylvia - June 6, 2008

Adam, Jamie, and Sylvia - August 30, 2008

Let us not forget that Grandma B spent some time with Sylvia this weekend as well. Here Sylvia is whispering to Grandma that she would really like her to take Lucy back to Hutch for the night so we can sleep through the night... Little did Jamie and I know that this was Sylvia's way to become the complete center of attention and keep us up all night! Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking Lucy that night or I think I would have lost it!

Secret Time