Cutie Pie

Just some pictures of Sylvia in the backyard.

It may be a coincidence, but the only picture she is smiling in is with her daddy!

Fashion Show

Sylvie has been given lots of cute clothes. I just wanted to take a picture of a couple before she gets to big for them. The below was made for her by her Aunt Liz. I think she is trying to prep her for high school. Sylvie was reading through her chem books to figure out what Liz put on her shirt, she is still searching.

This was a onsie that Jared made for her. Grandma Charlie gave her Lenny the Lion a couple hours before she was born. Lenny is kinda big for her to play with, but he makes a good chair.

This photo doesn't really show you her big bootie very well, but she hasn't learned yet that stripes aren't very flattering going horizontal. She looks a little pear shaped. She got these cute pants and booties from her friend Phoenix in Nantucket and the shirt from Grandma.

I saved the cutest for last. This super girly dress is from Judy "Bootie". It is finally starting to fit her, so I need to get a shirt to go under it so she can wear it a little bit longer.

That's all for now. I need to eat lunch before the little stinker wakes up.

Catching Up

Well, it has been some time since I have blogged, and I was told that I am overdue. Let's go back in time a bit for this posting...

Two weekends ago, we stopped by to visit with our old neighbor Ginny. On neighbors from across the alley, Ben and Bonnie, joined in the fun. We had some snacks and some socializing. It was nice to catch up on things and see Ginny's new place. While I am sure it was hard for her to sell the house, she seems quite happy in her new place.

Former Neighbor Ginny and Sylvia

The following weekend, Gary and Dorthy drove up from Illinois and Tim flew in from Arkansas. We all met out at the lake for a very rainy day. This ended up being for the better, because it forced us all to sit around the table and catch up on things... not to be working on another lake project. That being said, Dad and I did hang up some more insulation in the bunk house, and the guys put up a wood duck house near the creek.

What a Group!??!??!?

Four Generations

I wanted to post a picture of our nighttime ritual, Bath Time!!! Every night, Sylvia and I get some bonding time over the wet bar turned baby bath center. I never thought when Dad and I spent all those weekends working on the basement, that someday I would be giving baths to my daughter in the bar sink... Wow, how times have changed.

"You Missed A Spot!"

Finally, we had a very successful day on Craigslist selling some cloth diapers we no longer have a need for, so that was quite exciting. That is about all for now. Hopefully my next post will be sooner than three weeks out.

Good morning sun shine!

I just wanted to say hi on this beautiful fall day. I was getting sick of all of that gloomy rain. Hopefully mom and dad will take me for a walk tonight.
Look at how strong I am getting. Mom works me out every day and I am getting pretty strong neck muscles. Dad doesn't like it so much because I like to head butt him :)
Dad is going to catch up with all of our busy weekend fun later. See you later alligator-Sylvie


I think Adam is catching on to the dad thing. He is now able to hold Sylvie, Lucy and play on the computer at the same time. Now if he could clean the house and cook instead of doing computer stuff I would have more time for bon bons. I think Lucy is getting the short end of the stick, but I guess she thinks it's better than nothing.

Just modeling another one her great hats. Grandma Charlie made this one. It is still a little big, but it is super cute. I don't think she will ever have a cold head, I just hope she likes hats because she has a bunch. She likes being up high on dad's shoulder. She is getting a pretty strong neck.

Photo Shoot

Sylvie had a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. Here are some of the great pics. I want to send a big thank you out to Kay who took all of the pics, Judie who was the photo director and Missy who did the editing for me.

My First Run-In With The Law

Today I was arrested by the Fashion Police. They let me off with a warning today, but they said I better look out next time. Well, they are the ones who need to look out because I am just getting started. Besides what the big deal? My tie-dye socks match everything, plus they are my favorite. The leg warmers are new and I just couldn't wait to wear them. My dress is a little to summery so I had to wear a long sleeve under it. How am I supposed to wear all of my dresses in this weather? I told the coppers that a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I hope mom and dad can afford the tickets or I am going to need to get a job. This pretty face doesn't pay the bills. -Sylvie

mug shot

lettin the cops know what I think of them

lookin this good is hard work

1st Annual Cokato Lake Celbration

Another picture friendly posting!

We had a beautiful weekend for our 1st Annual Cokato Lake Celbration. We were lucky enough to enjoy the company of several of our friends and their families. Here is the happy group.

Group Shot
(left to right - Willards, Brodds, Nunberg sans Jen K, Roses, Stracks, and Harris')

With this being the first major gathering at my parent's new property, we didn't quite know how it would all work out, but in the end, I think it was pretty good.

We had smiling children...

Fun at the beach...

BIG Marshmallows...

And group hugs...

Prior to the big outing; Jamie, Sylvia, and I had some time to relax as well. We enjoyed the peace and quiet, but are also glad to be back home.

About one month before Sylvia was born, we took a picture of Jamie and Sylvia standing next to one of the new trees Mom and Dad planted. We took a picture last weekend around that same tree. This ritual will last for years to come. Mom - this is much less embarrassing than standing on Main St. taking a picture while your friends drive by and honk!

Jamie and Sylvia - June 6, 2008

Adam, Jamie, and Sylvia - August 30, 2008

Let us not forget that Grandma B spent some time with Sylvia this weekend as well. Here Sylvia is whispering to Grandma that she would really like her to take Lucy back to Hutch for the night so we can sleep through the night... Little did Jamie and I know that this was Sylvia's way to become the complete center of attention and keep us up all night! Thanks to Mom and Dad for taking Lucy that night or I think I would have lost it!

Secret Time