Catching Up

Well, it has been some time since I have blogged, and I was told that I am overdue. Let's go back in time a bit for this posting...

Two weekends ago, we stopped by to visit with our old neighbor Ginny. On neighbors from across the alley, Ben and Bonnie, joined in the fun. We had some snacks and some socializing. It was nice to catch up on things and see Ginny's new place. While I am sure it was hard for her to sell the house, she seems quite happy in her new place.

Former Neighbor Ginny and Sylvia

The following weekend, Gary and Dorthy drove up from Illinois and Tim flew in from Arkansas. We all met out at the lake for a very rainy day. This ended up being for the better, because it forced us all to sit around the table and catch up on things... not to be working on another lake project. That being said, Dad and I did hang up some more insulation in the bunk house, and the guys put up a wood duck house near the creek.

What a Group!??!??!?

Four Generations

I wanted to post a picture of our nighttime ritual, Bath Time!!! Every night, Sylvia and I get some bonding time over the wet bar turned baby bath center. I never thought when Dad and I spent all those weekends working on the basement, that someday I would be giving baths to my daughter in the bar sink... Wow, how times have changed.

"You Missed A Spot!"

Finally, we had a very successful day on Craigslist selling some cloth diapers we no longer have a need for, so that was quite exciting. That is about all for now. Hopefully my next post will be sooner than three weeks out.