My First Run-In With The Law

Today I was arrested by the Fashion Police. They let me off with a warning today, but they said I better look out next time. Well, they are the ones who need to look out because I am just getting started. Besides what the big deal? My tie-dye socks match everything, plus they are my favorite. The leg warmers are new and I just couldn't wait to wear them. My dress is a little to summery so I had to wear a long sleeve under it. How am I supposed to wear all of my dresses in this weather? I told the coppers that a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I hope mom and dad can afford the tickets or I am going to need to get a job. This pretty face doesn't pay the bills. -Sylvie

mug shot

lettin the cops know what I think of them

lookin this good is hard work


Anonymous said...

That's a definite Brodd nose in the last picture...