Fashion Show

Sylvie has been given lots of cute clothes. I just wanted to take a picture of a couple before she gets to big for them. The below was made for her by her Aunt Liz. I think she is trying to prep her for high school. Sylvie was reading through her chem books to figure out what Liz put on her shirt, she is still searching.

This was a onsie that Jared made for her. Grandma Charlie gave her Lenny the Lion a couple hours before she was born. Lenny is kinda big for her to play with, but he makes a good chair.

This photo doesn't really show you her big bootie very well, but she hasn't learned yet that stripes aren't very flattering going horizontal. She looks a little pear shaped. She got these cute pants and booties from her friend Phoenix in Nantucket and the shirt from Grandma.

I saved the cutest for last. This super girly dress is from Judy "Bootie". It is finally starting to fit her, so I need to get a shirt to go under it so she can wear it a little bit longer.

That's all for now. I need to eat lunch before the little stinker wakes up.


Anonymous said...

YES! I was waiting for that picture..! What a cutie.