Hard Workin' Man (aka Big Stinky Man)

So my excuse for the delay in posting this time was my most recent project around the house. The bathroom remodel. Quick background. Jamie and I had discussed tiling our upstairs bathroom for some time and was another one of those projects that was on 'the list'. When Jamie's Mom had recommended Kenny the Tile Guy, we figured why not. The next decision was have him do the whole job, or just the tiling. Being a little frugal, we decided that I would rip out the old tile and prep the area for him. So my entire weekend was spent ripping out the bathroom. Well, not the whole weekend, but most of it.

Here are some before, during, and almost final pictures.
Hard Workin' Man

After (almost done)

While Jamie and I were out this weekend at Home Depot, we came across a great deal on a new shower fixture. Since we are making the bathroom all new and clean, we need new shower hardware, right? Easier said than done. So I look at the old shower hardware (installed and working fine) and the new shower hardware, and they really didn't look the same. The job actually looked like something I shouldn't really do on my own, so I conceded the old shower hardware... But wait, in my genius move, I tried to 'fix' the slight drip that the spigot would have from time to time, and actually destroyed the copper pipe. CRAP! So I borrowed the torch from Jacob and attempted to fix my little mistake. After realizing I didn't have any flux or solder, I gave my neighbor Ben a call. "Hey Ben, you got a second?" He came right on over and I showed him my predicament. I went on to explain what I was trying to do (new shower hardware), but now I just want the old one back to normal. Ben looks at his watch and says "It's only 6:30, we can run to Home Depot and get the stuff we need to install your new shower." How can I turn this one down? So Ben and I ran to Home Depot and got the goods. Over 3 hours later, we were done! NO LEAKS! I have to say THANK YOU very much to Ben for going out of his way to help us out. Ben and Bonnie also gave us some fresh sweetcorn, which was yummy! That was about all we could handle during the weekend.

On Monday morning, Kenny the Tile Guy came over and started the job. Things seem to be going very smooth. Later than day, Brian flew in from California for his first visit. Jamie and Brian caught up for a while and then I joined in on the conversation when I got home from work.
Brian and Sylvia (Eyes Open)

And tonight the house was packed! Vonnie and Debie (Jamie's work friends) came over after work to see Sylvia (and Jamie) for the first time. Jamie forgot to take pictures, so you will have to trust us! Amazingly, they didn't talk about work at all, which makes me think Jamie never really did go to work... She just got together with some ladies and chatted about boys and clothes all day. Oh wait, there was money deposited in the checking account every other week, so she must have been doing something? HMMM... Scott Montanta Imation, not to be confused with Scott Montanta 3M, used Brodd Taxi after work today to catch a ride to the airport. We had a quick pitstop so he could meet Sliver (his nickname for her... little bit of an inside joke I don't care to explain) and eat some of Jamie's great dinner... oops, I mean Liz Owens' great dinner. Wow, this stuff was awesome. Jamie really needs to step it up. I mean seriously, what does she do at home all day? Talk about clothes and boys with Sylvia? (Adam being sent to the doghouse)

It was great to see Zac, Liz, and Sawyer today and we thank you guys for the great dinner. Also, if I haven't thanked all of the others for the food, we really do appreciate it. Just because we didn't take a picture of it, doesn't mean we didn't like it. The stars were just too much.

Pot Pie with American Pride

So we are going to sign off, I need to get packed for Hell, I mean Weatherford. This will be the girls first time on their own. I will be back on Friday, but I am guessing this will be harder on me than on Jamie and Sylvia.

Last, but certainly not least, Happy 27th B-Day little brother...

Goodbye Mini :(

Today was a day of mixed emotions... The car that Jamie has loved for the past three years is no longer with us. Today we traded the fun to drive, fuel efficient, four wheeled rocket for the new family truckster. It was sad (mostly for Jamie) to see the MINI go, but it was something we needed to do. The new vehicle is a Nissan Rogue. See some really bad pictures below:

Back and Side

The car has a lot of pretty cool features like integrated Bluetooth, a 6 disk CD/MP3 changer, and a sweet key. The 'Intelligent Key' functions such that as long as it is in your pocket or purse or whatever, the cars doors will open and the ignition will start, with the key still in your pocket. But enough about the new car. You guys read the blog for the baby...

Today was Sylvia's first bath at home. She didn't really like the body scrub down, but she loved getting her hair washed. Grandma Charleen and Jamie had the honors of this momentous occasion. Keeping up with the Salon day, Sylvia also got a mani and a pedi. OK, she got her nails clipped, but that really doesn't sound as fun!

Bath Time

Sylvia has also taken a liking to Story Time. Today when Grandma was over, she took some time to read Sylvia some of the Serendipity books. This series of books was Jamie's favorite when she was growing up.

We Love Books...

Missy was also a big help today in capturing Sylvia's footprints. It took a couple tries and a lot of laughs, but in the end, they got some pretty good prints. Thanks for your help Missy.

Finally, we need to get our beauty sleep tonight, because tomorrow evening is our first picture session. We are trying the budget route of Target Photo first, and if they are not up to our (I mean Jamie's) liking, we will try elsewhere. Plus I get to rip apart the bathroom tomorrow in preparation for Kenny the Tile Guy who is showing up on Monday morning.

Have a good night everyone and talk to you later.

Yes, we are still around!

So it turns out once you create a blog, people expect you to post something new everyday! Well, after a two day 'vacation', we are back at it.

First of all, I need to upload an image from last Sunday afternoon when my sister Liz came over and saw Sylvia for the first time.

Auntie Liz and Sylvia

Otherwise things have been great. I have been back at work for almost a week and nothing has really changed, then again I was only out for one week so why would it. I would like to say that Jamie has been doing great at her new job as well. Being a Mom truly is a full time job!

We have taken advantage of the cool evenings recently and ventured out on the new stroller for some nice walks. It sure is amazing how bumpy the sidewalks are! This is something I never noticed prior to pushing a stroller.

Finally, tonight was Sylvia's first Bocce BBQ. Reuben was the host tonight and did a great job with the grill and setting up the croquet course. I think we may have found the new bocce... The weather was great and so was the company. We hope to enjoy many more BBQ outings in the near future.

Mom and Sylvia Watching the Sweet Match

One last thing before we go... We would like to give a big thanks to Grandpa Jim for making the sweet stool for Jamie and Grandma V for the nice sewing work. While we are giving thanks, I also want to thank Grandma Charleen for her time spent with Jamie this week and all of the others that have stopped by and dropped of some dinner. We really do appreciate it!

Little Bird ---> Big Bird

We had our first checkup today with Dr. Radtke (Sylvia's Pediatrician), and everything is great. It is almost too great... The little monster has gone from 6# 11oz birth weight to 6# 9oz discharge weight, to a whopping 7# 2oz today! In one week she has gained over a half of a pound. At this rate, she will weigh 468 pounds on her 18th B-Day! YIKES...

It was my first day back at work and nothing has changed. So I guess that is good?

With me at work, this would have been Jamie's first day home alone with Sylvia, but her Mom was kind enough to come over and help out. Thanks Charleen!

That is about it for now. Talk to you all later.

A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend was eventful in many ways.

This was the first weekend at home with Sylvia. She spends most of the time, about 16 hours per day, sleeping.

Cute Sleeping Baby

This weekend was also the first time Grandma Brodd got to hold Sylvia. Because of the extra precautions early on in the hospital, not very many of our close family members even got to see her. That will surely change as time goes by.

Grandma Brodd and Sylvia

This weekend also included Sylvia's first book reading. It looks like she enjoys reading as much as her Dad! The book, Little Pea, is a story about a baby pea and how she hates eating dinner (which is candy), but in the end, she gets to enjoy her favorite dessert, spinach.

And today Sylvia had her first Road Trip. We started the day in Northfield at Dan and Kelley's. Both Delaney and Kelley got their 'fix' of holding the little one, while Dillon and I watched Wipeout. For those who don't know, Wipeout is one of those really stupid shows that you just can't look away from. Tune in to ABC on Tuesdays at 7PM. Also, thanks for the sandwich from Cecil's Delicatessen. The salami was yummy!

Next we were off to Grandpa LeRoy's 90th Birthday Party. Pictures started promptly at noon. We showed up around 12:10. For those who know us well, the search party is usually called if we are five minutes late, but of course we pulled out the 'feeding Sylvia' card. Jamie and I are still working on adjusting our internal clocks to work around the new tasks involved in being a parent. We did manage to get in on the pictures and here are a sampling:

Grandma Charleen, Sylvia, and B-Day Boy Great Grandpa LeRoy

Jamie, Sylvia, and Great Grandpa

The Happy Family!!!

The party was great... We got to visit (quickly) with most of the relatives, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then we were off back home. The car ride, down and back, was filled with sleeping. We will see how long that lasts!

Liz (Adam's sister) is coming over tonight to see Sylvia for the first time as well.

Finally to end the weekend of firsts, tonight will be the first night of sleeping prior to going back to work. While I plan on continuing to assist Jamie as much as I can, we will see how the night goes.

Best Baby in the World!

Jamie wanted me to post a quick note saying she just woke up! Yup, that's right, it is 10:15 in the morning and she is rolling out of bed. Sylvia slept for almost 3 1/2 hours this morning after 'breakfast' and Jamie also took the time to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Dad, on the other hand, took Lucy for a walk, then came home and picked weeds and mowed the lawn. It has been a good morning thus far.

Feeding time again and little Sylvia is more like a little bird. It is so much fun listening to Mom make little bird noises to Sylvia during there time 'together'. Here is a picture showing all of the details...

Just Kidding (sorry Rosie)

Quick update

We wanted to post some more pictures of the most beautiful girl in the world.

Taking a nap after feeding.

Working on her tan

Little feets

Sleeping again...

Now if only we could get her to be this sweet and sleepy from 11:00 PM - 3:00 AM!

We had a home visit from the nurse yesterday and everything is good. She had lost only 2 ounces from her birth weight in the hospital and has already gained back 1/2 ounce since discharge. Way to go Sylvia and Mommy!

Other than that, Missy is cooking dinner for us again (THANK YOU) and hopefully tonight will be a little bit better than last night. That being said, I am sure it could be much worse than last night as well, so I shouldn't complain too much!

Sylvia has been a sweet, cuddly baby (who poops like a champ) and we couldn't ask for anything else.

48 Hours Later

Our new family has almost been home for 48 hours now and we definitely have had an interesting time...

From the feeding to the poopie diapers to the naps, we are slowly learning how this little machine operates. I can tell you this... she definitely works on HER schedule. I realized that you give up a lot when you have a child, so an example of this was last night. I decided to sit down and watch the All Star game for a bit. Keep in mind, I am watching the game in my office holding on to Sylvia and not downstairs on the 'big' TV holding a beer. While this is fantastic, the little one was certainly running the schedule. She wanted to go to bed, so we had to go to bed. It doesn't matter to her that the game is tied 3-3 going into the bottom of the ninth inning. What I didn't realize was that Sylvia was trying to tell her Daddy that the game will go for another 6 innings, so get some sleep and I will wake you up when it is time. And that she did. After sleeping for only about 45 minutes, Jamie and I woke to crying so we came downstairs and started the routine back up again. Jamie asked me who won the game (that is crazy it its own way), so I checked online to see that the game is still going! So Sylvia ate, Mommy rocked, and Daddy got to watch Justin Mornau 'run' home and 'slide' to score the game-winning run. American League 4 - National League 3. Eat It. The best part of this night was the fact Sylvia (and Mom and Dad) slept for over 3 1/2 hours! That was AWESOME! Enough about my little story...

While we were in the hospital, my brother and sister-in-law and parents took watch over Lucy. It wasn't until yesterday that she came home.

Lucy doesn't quite know what to think of Sylvia, but I think she will become a great guard dog!

In other news, there have been several people commenting on Sylvia's resemblance to her Daddy. While I think she is the most beautiful person in the world, it is hard to imagine that people would put most beautiful and Adam in the same sentence, unless that sentence is: "Adam is not the most beautiful person in the world." So, I found the old baby pictures that Mom has saved for all of these years and wanted to post them side by side to get your opinions...

I hope to add more later, including the Nurse's visit to the house and other exciting stories, but nap time is almost up. Talk to you later.

We're Home!

Great news! All of Sylvia's tests came back negative (good), so we all were able to come home as a family.

We have all gone through so many emotions this weekend, I just want to sleep and hopefully reset. We will see what Sylvia's plans are for tonight however...

Here is Sylvia in her coming home outfit, just as we walked in the door. Yes, I know, we need a better head support. Don't worry, I have already been to Babies R' Us tonight, thanks to our first babysitter Megan.

Megan was kind enough to spend so time with Jamie, oh I mean Sylvia, so I could run some errands. Thanks Meg!

Also, THANK YOU ALL for the kind comments and wishes over the past few days. It really means a lot to us and has definitely helped us get through these first days as new parents.

Hopefully tomorrow I (We) can spend a little more time posting to the blog.

Good night. Adam

The next day...

Hopefully the first picture wasn't too disturbing, she was still a little new to the world. My Mom says Sylvia will be mad at her Daddy for posting that one, but I think she will love it!

Here is a picture from last night. You will notice the IV and the monitors on her. Since Jamie's water had been ruptured for so long, there is some concern for infection not only in Jamie, but also in Sylvia. They are both on antibiotics until we have more tests complete. We should know more tonight, but the final cultures will not be back until Monday night sometime. Because of these concerns, she has to stay in the 'Special Care Nursery' until the tests come back clear. Because of this, I am asking that people please hold off on visiting baby Sylvia. We hope to be able to take her home Monday night, but we will update when we know more.

Jamie and I are beginning our training on being new parents. We spent about an hour with Sylvia this morning working on feeding. It could have been a little better, but we are going to keep practicing. It is a little tricky with all of the tubes hanging out of both of them!

Great news... The RN just came in and it sounds like Jamie will be able to disconnect the portable IV cart that she has been wheeling around. This will make going to the bathroom a 5 minute job instead of a 10 minute job!

That is about it for now, we will update again later.

Adam & Jamie

Sylvia Grace Brodd

Sylvia Grace Brodd was born today, July 12th, at 4:04 PM.

She weighs 6# 11oz and is 20" long.

Mom and Baby are doing fine.

I will hopefully add more pictures soon, but I was shaking so much none of mine really turned out!

Talk to you all later.

Adam & Jamie

12 hours later

Guess What !!!!

No baby :(

Things haven't really progressed since last night's post. The Dr. thought it best to try and get some sleep over the night and then reassess in the morning. Jamie did get a little rest, as did Charleen and me.

This morning, Jamie started Pitocin, which increased the contractions, but increased the pain quite a bit as well. After a couple doses of 'crack', we decided it was time for the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and worked his wonders... I didn't even pass out!

The drugs are now kicking in and Jamie is much more comfortable, so soon the Pitocin should start up again. Hopefully we can get this little girl out soon.

Highlights of last night

10:00PM - Jamie pee'ed
10:20 PM - Jamie pee'ed
10:35 PM - Jamie pee'ed
Midnight - Jamie pee'ed
12:05 AM - Attempt to start an IV
12:10 AM - Try again to start an IV
12:15 AM - Call in another nurse to try to start an IV
12:25 AM - 'One Prick Pip' came in and worked her wonders
12:30 AM - 4:00 AM - A little sleep on and off for all three of us.
5:00 AM - Started Pitocin aka The Devil
6:30 AM - Checked again and still at 1 cm
8:30 AM - Checked and up to a 2-3, so this is good
9:30 AM - Epidural aka Happy Time

That's about it for now... More updates to follow.

9:27 PM Update

So we are finally at the hospital and sticking around tonight because the nurse accidentally broke Jamie's water while examining her. That was neat...

Jamie is being a trooper, with contractions being 2-5 minutes apart... The RN is monitoring the baby's vitals and Jamie's contractions. She will be giving an exam in a bit... However, this is a different nurse, without mongoloid hands, so Jamie is feeling a lot more comfortable with this exam.
Jamie's first Nurse --->

The room is very nice, even equip with satellite TV. So I was sitting around watching the Twins game and then the darn storm blows through and we lose signal. Great luck. Oh well, we didn't lose the internet, so I able to watch Nathan save another one for the Twins.

I will continue to update when we have more fun stories to share.

Afternoon Update...

Update on where we were this morning until now...

The contractions are a couple minutes closer together and getting stronger. I asked Jamie where she is on the following scale:

She was thinking around a 4, but her face looks more like a 6. However, if she is a 4-6, and this is the easy part, we are in for a fun night. This whole process will be interesting...

When I was looking for an image to show, I came across the following definition of a 10:

“Someone lit your body on fire and put it out with a track shoe.”


Jamie's favorite one was:

“Someone ripped both your arms and legs off.”

She is looking forward to that later.

Until then... Bye

Free Slurpees for Life

Well, the somewhat consistent contractions have finally started. Last night was a bit interesting in that we didn't really know what to do. Are they getting closer? Are they stronger? Did I just pee my pants!?!?! Just kidding, or am I? This morning came somewhat more consistent contractions, but they are still 8-10 minutes apart. We called the hospital and the nurse recommended lots of walking followed by rest, so this morning has been walks and soon a movie. Too bad it is going to be hotter than Hades today, so we may have to walk around the house... That sounds fun.

Hoping that today is the day... remember to pick up your free Slurpee at your local 7-11.

Today is the Due Date, but we are Still Waiting...

Well no baby yet... Jamie had a Dr. appt this afternoon and she (the baby) just isn't ready to come out yet :( While we have another chance for a sleep filled night, we are definitely ready for the day to come when we will be up all night with our new bundle of joy!

In other news, we spent July 4th on the St. Croix with our friends. Liz's parents were kind enough to rent a sweet place in North Hudson and invite the gang out for some swimming, some food, and as always, some drinks! The hospitality was great and the company even better. Here is a view from the back (or front, depending on your definition) deck.

First Post!

Well since everyone else is doing it.... we are having a baby!

With a due date of July 7th, the time is quickly approaching when Adam and Jamie are going to become parents. We can't think of anything else we need to do before the little one comes into the world, but there is always of hunny-do list floating around.

Jamie had her weekly Dr. appointment today and nothing is happening... Even though it is still early, the Doc wanted to schedule the induction to 'get it on the books'. SO, if the little one isn't ready to come out, she will be on July 13th.

Jamie and I will do our best to keep this blog updated with the latest Brodd family news.

Also, for those who don't know, the blog title "Brodd Family Fun Time" came from a phrase my Mom uses to describe the Brodd family vacations we have taken over the years. Hopefully we will have some time to go back and re-live these great memories in future posts.