Goodbye Mini :(

Today was a day of mixed emotions... The car that Jamie has loved for the past three years is no longer with us. Today we traded the fun to drive, fuel efficient, four wheeled rocket for the new family truckster. It was sad (mostly for Jamie) to see the MINI go, but it was something we needed to do. The new vehicle is a Nissan Rogue. See some really bad pictures below:

Back and Side

The car has a lot of pretty cool features like integrated Bluetooth, a 6 disk CD/MP3 changer, and a sweet key. The 'Intelligent Key' functions such that as long as it is in your pocket or purse or whatever, the cars doors will open and the ignition will start, with the key still in your pocket. But enough about the new car. You guys read the blog for the baby...

Today was Sylvia's first bath at home. She didn't really like the body scrub down, but she loved getting her hair washed. Grandma Charleen and Jamie had the honors of this momentous occasion. Keeping up with the Salon day, Sylvia also got a mani and a pedi. OK, she got her nails clipped, but that really doesn't sound as fun!

Bath Time

Sylvia has also taken a liking to Story Time. Today when Grandma was over, she took some time to read Sylvia some of the Serendipity books. This series of books was Jamie's favorite when she was growing up.

We Love Books...

Missy was also a big help today in capturing Sylvia's footprints. It took a couple tries and a lot of laughs, but in the end, they got some pretty good prints. Thanks for your help Missy.

Finally, we need to get our beauty sleep tonight, because tomorrow evening is our first picture session. We are trying the budget route of Target Photo first, and if they are not up to our (I mean Jamie's) liking, we will try elsewhere. Plus I get to rip apart the bathroom tomorrow in preparation for Kenny the Tile Guy who is showing up on Monday morning.

Have a good night everyone and talk to you later.