We're Home!

Great news! All of Sylvia's tests came back negative (good), so we all were able to come home as a family.

We have all gone through so many emotions this weekend, I just want to sleep and hopefully reset. We will see what Sylvia's plans are for tonight however...

Here is Sylvia in her coming home outfit, just as we walked in the door. Yes, I know, we need a better head support. Don't worry, I have already been to Babies R' Us tonight, thanks to our first babysitter Megan.

Megan was kind enough to spend so time with Jamie, oh I mean Sylvia, so I could run some errands. Thanks Meg!

Also, THANK YOU ALL for the kind comments and wishes over the past few days. It really means a lot to us and has definitely helped us get through these first days as new parents.

Hopefully tomorrow I (We) can spend a little more time posting to the blog.

Good night. Adam


Anonymous said...

Love the strawberry hat! She's getting cuter every day. Hope you three can get some rest. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. B&B