A Weekend of Firsts

This weekend was eventful in many ways.

This was the first weekend at home with Sylvia. She spends most of the time, about 16 hours per day, sleeping.

Cute Sleeping Baby

This weekend was also the first time Grandma Brodd got to hold Sylvia. Because of the extra precautions early on in the hospital, not very many of our close family members even got to see her. That will surely change as time goes by.

Grandma Brodd and Sylvia

This weekend also included Sylvia's first book reading. It looks like she enjoys reading as much as her Dad! The book, Little Pea, is a story about a baby pea and how she hates eating dinner (which is candy), but in the end, she gets to enjoy her favorite dessert, spinach.

And today Sylvia had her first Road Trip. We started the day in Northfield at Dan and Kelley's. Both Delaney and Kelley got their 'fix' of holding the little one, while Dillon and I watched Wipeout. For those who don't know, Wipeout is one of those really stupid shows that you just can't look away from. Tune in to ABC on Tuesdays at 7PM. Also, thanks for the sandwich from Cecil's Delicatessen. The salami was yummy!

Next we were off to Grandpa LeRoy's 90th Birthday Party. Pictures started promptly at noon. We showed up around 12:10. For those who know us well, the search party is usually called if we are five minutes late, but of course we pulled out the 'feeding Sylvia' card. Jamie and I are still working on adjusting our internal clocks to work around the new tasks involved in being a parent. We did manage to get in on the pictures and here are a sampling:

Grandma Charleen, Sylvia, and B-Day Boy Great Grandpa LeRoy

Jamie, Sylvia, and Great Grandpa

The Happy Family!!!

The party was great... We got to visit (quickly) with most of the relatives, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then we were off back home. The car ride, down and back, was filled with sleeping. We will see how long that lasts!

Liz (Adam's sister) is coming over tonight to see Sylvia for the first time as well.

Finally to end the weekend of firsts, tonight will be the first night of sleeping prior to going back to work. While I plan on continuing to assist Jamie as much as I can, we will see how the night goes.


JFibers said...

Hey Jamie-
I will be free Tuesday thru Friday if you need any help. I am great at running errands....
The blog is great!

Anonymous said...

Great update,
Jamie, looking good. Proud family, as they should be. I too, would love to take care of the little one. Hope to get to see you soon!!!

Trinity said...

She is so tiny!!