Sylvia's Baptism

Last Sunday, February 1st, Sylvia was baptized at Faith Lutheran Church in Hutchinson. Pastor Randy Freund conducted the ceremony.


Godparents Jacob and Leah (Don't look too excited Jacob!)

After the service, which Sylvia did great through by the way, we headed over to Mom and Dad's house for lunch and some socializing.

Kelley, Dillon, Sylvia, and Shaylan

Blake enjoyed one of the ribbons, I mean cravat. Maybe a young Louis XIV?

Did we mention presents? Sylvia and Great Grandpa spent a good five minutes unwrapping this one...

I think we all had a great day and it was good to get both families together again. I think the last time this whole group was together was at our wedding, five and a half years ago! Our young model Blake wasn't even born yet!


Liz said...

Yo I tried to get Jacob to smile, but he wasn't havin' it... I think it was too early in the morning for him.