Ice Cream for Breakfast

As I am sure some of you are aware, the 1st Saturday in February is known as 'International Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day'. We have celebrated this event for many years, usually at the Sebastian Joe's in Uptown. This year was a little different since Charleen and the boys spent the night at our place on Friday, we opted for a quieter setting at home. Jamie and Charleen made about 20 waffles and we enjoyed a nice bowl of ice cream on the side.

Yes, that is Ice Cream on Blake's Waffle

The night prior also had some fun and exciting things... Jamie and I enjoyed a night out (at the curling club) when Charleen watched Sylvia. Scott and Liz's son Zach was also over. To finish off the kids, Jared and Blake joined the mix... With all the kids over, Jamie and I decided to build a fort for them to play in. Here is a picture of our creation.

The Fort

The Kids (Jared, Blake, Zach)

The kids played, ate tons of popcorn, and watched movies. Jared and Blake even found some really good hiding spots upstairs in our closet... While in the meantime, the moms and dads enjoyed some curling, some tasty beverages, and a few laughs.


'Stoned Zach'

'Crazy Blake'


Liz said...

Those are great shots - I can't believe Zach is looking at the camera in the one! Looks like they had a ball; you two build a mean fort. Thanks again to Charleen!

Liz said...

It appears that 'Crazy Blake' is slowly strangling poor little Zach...

Side note: I'm wicked jealous of Zach's PJs and am now on the search to find them in big kid sizes.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I forgot ICFG Day this year! Thanks for not reminding me. Aaron surprised me w/a big bowl of Caramel Cone on Sat morning! I'll have to try mine with waffles next year...