Pink Week

In honor of Valentine's Day, this past week at daycare was known as 'pink week'. A bit of history is needed for this to make sense... Every morning when I drop Sylvia off at daycare, the teachers comment that she is wearing a cute outfit, but note that it is never pink. Jamie and I have made a conscious decision not to make her look like a crazy, covered in pink baby girl, but rather a girl who is fine wearing green, blue, brown, whatever... So back to present day. I wanted to show the daycare ladies that Sylvia does own some pink clothes. As a matter of fact, every outfit she wore last week was pink and very girly. Pink onsies, pink tops, pink bottoms, pink tights, and pink socks... (That almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!)

Here is a sample of one the outfits she wore last week. It was a dress that Grandma Brodd gave Sylvia for Valentine's Day. Also notice the "Olive You" hat that Grandma Charleen knit. Not to exclude anyone, she is playing with a handmade purple dog from Megan via Etsy, while sitting on a blanket the Trinity knit.


JFibers said...

Great hat! I remember when you were prego and received it from your mom... She looks adorable, even if she is wearing pink. hee hee

Trinity said...

Awww! She is one stylin' baby.