Almost the Best Valentine's Meal Ever

I have never really enjoyed Valentine's Day. Flowers are expensive and they die quickly, it is hard to get reservations at the good restaurants, and you have to spend $4 on a card that is thrown away the next day.

This year was different. We decided about a week ago that we would stay in and cook our own meals for Valentine's day. First Jamie prepared some great huevos rancheros for breakfast. Jamie's mom brought over all the ingredients to night before when she watched Sylvia - Thanks Charleen! In addition, I had come across a recipe for BBQ Brisket Pizza that looked so good, we just had to try it. I was loving it because a) we don't have to go out for Valentines dinner and b) we get to eat Pizza for Valentines!

I gave Jamie the night off, so she enjoyed reading that damn book, Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. For those not familiar with the series of books, where have you been? Basically, when Jamie gets a new book, she goes into 'crazy psycho reader mode'. So while I was slaving away over the hot stove, she enjoyed a glass of yummy wine. We first tried this wine at Napa Valley Grille when Jacob worked there. It was an Orogeny Pinot Noir, and it is awesome.

Back to the meal... It was pretty simple to make. Homemade crust covered with BBQ sauce, then the beef brisket, followed by two large onions that had been caramelized. Topped off with some fresh mozzarella cheese. Pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes and we were ready to go.

Check out this spread:

For those that are wondering, the best Valentine's Day meal ever was our first year together when I reheated some Lasagna I had cooked the day prior. After that dinner, we topped the night off by watching TV. How romantic!


Trinity said...

That sounds great! Paul and I wanted to go out for dinner over the weekend to celebrate my new job but the restaurant we wanted to go to was going to be doing valentine's stuff all weekend long which meant less choices and more $. Needless to say we aren't big fans of the holiday. We are going to go out this weekend instead.