Quick Christmas Recap Part I

As we are back into a "normal" routine, we will try to catch up on some posts from over the holiday break.

Christmas this year followed similar trends as prior years.  We start with some quiet time at home with just the four of us on Christmas Eve.  That night includes the opening of one present each.

 Sylvia enjoyed modeling dads new Viking horns.

Early Christmas morning took us downstairs to check the stockings and Sylvia and Violet were both pleasantly surprised with the goodies Santa left for them.

After the stockings and presents from Santa, it was off to Northfield for breakfast and presents at Dan and Kelley's.

Violet loves cinnamon rolls!

Sylvia and Shaylan discussing their new toys.

Violet is really starting to get this present thing!

Presents are not just for little kids... Blake is showing off his new PJ's (with footies!)

It was then off to the farm for lunch and more presents.  While we failed to take one picture while over there, the Anderson clan was together to celebrate another Christmas with Grandpa LeRoy and extended family and friends.

Half of our Christmas get-togethers are complete... Upcoming posts will cover Christmas at Charleen and Michael's as well as with the Brodds.