Christmas Part 3

As the first weekend in January rolls around, we know it it time for one thing - Adam and Jim's Birthdays!  Well, that is what it used to mean... now we also celebrate Brodd Christmas that weekend as well.  To be honest, it works out OK as it splits up the Christmas time with the families, cuts down on travel, and maybe more importantly, allows for a couple more weeks for the ice the thicken up!

This year we wanted to try something new.  Sylvia has been asking about getting a pair of ice skates "when she turns 5".  She has been set on five as the magic age for skates.  We figured she is close enough, so we stopped at Play It Again Sports and picked up a nice (cheap) pair of skates.  While initially she wasn't so keen on the idea, when Dad and Grandpa finally let her do it ALONE, she was great!  She won't be trying out for the hockey team anytime soon, but for her first real time on skates, she did a great job!

 The Ice Rink (aka the Lake)
 Big Girl on Skates

After skating, 4-wheeler rides on the lake, etc, we headed inside for presents.  Like usual, there were way too many presents, but we somehow managed to all had a great time.
 Violet was getting a bit stressed out, so Auntie hooked her up with a swig of beer!  (only joking for those that don't know us too well!)
 Violet with her new gardening kit to help Mom and Grandma in the garden
 Kevin with some sort of horse creature?!?!?!?

After presents, it is homemade ice cream time.  Everyone gets a turn on the crank.  Some of us just work a bit harder than others... However, we all enjoy the great taste of fresh, homemade ice cream
 While some were cranking, others were sliding down the railing!
  When Violet was done sliding, she even got a turn on the crank, with the assistance of Grandpa, of course!

So that ends another year of Christmas celebrations.  Looking forward to a couple quiet weekends around the house to catch up on the neglected work there.  Happy new year everyone!