Violet's 18 Month Update - a month late!

When you have your first kid you make sure everything goes perfectly - including scheduling the check-ups at the Doctor.  When you have more that one kid, things get done when they get done.  That sure was the case for Violet's 18 month wellness check.

After, unfortunately, a couple trips to urgent care over the past three months for a pesky ear infection that won't go away, we were finally at the clinic for some "normal" reasons.  Well, as it turns out, the ear infection is still there... this likely explains why she hasn't really returned to her normal sleeping self at night.  Another round of antibiotics and a follow-up in three weeks will hopefully finally zap this thing. 

Besides the ear infection, the Dr. feels that Violet is perfectly "normal" for her age, corrected age and birth age, she is right where she should be for a 18, oops, 19 month old!

Now for the stats:

Height - 31 1/4" (25th percentile)
Weight - 22# 13oz (25th percentile)
Head - 19" (85th percentile!)


The other thing we did quite a bit with Sylvia growing up was taking pictures of her dirty face after a yummy dinner. 

Not sure how much she really likes here picture take however...

Keep growing little one!