Christmas Part 3

As the first weekend in January rolls around, we know it it time for one thing - Adam and Jim's Birthdays!  Well, that is what it used to mean... now we also celebrate Brodd Christmas that weekend as well.  To be honest, it works out OK as it splits up the Christmas time with the families, cuts down on travel, and maybe more importantly, allows for a couple more weeks for the ice the thicken up!

This year we wanted to try something new.  Sylvia has been asking about getting a pair of ice skates "when she turns 5".  She has been set on five as the magic age for skates.  We figured she is close enough, so we stopped at Play It Again Sports and picked up a nice (cheap) pair of skates.  While initially she wasn't so keen on the idea, when Dad and Grandpa finally let her do it ALONE, she was great!  She won't be trying out for the hockey team anytime soon, but for her first real time on skates, she did a great job!

 The Ice Rink (aka the Lake)
 Big Girl on Skates

After skating, 4-wheeler rides on the lake, etc, we headed inside for presents.  Like usual, there were way too many presents, but we somehow managed to all had a great time.
 Violet was getting a bit stressed out, so Auntie hooked her up with a swig of beer!  (only joking for those that don't know us too well!)
 Violet with her new gardening kit to help Mom and Grandma in the garden
 Kevin with some sort of horse creature?!?!?!?

After presents, it is homemade ice cream time.  Everyone gets a turn on the crank.  Some of us just work a bit harder than others... However, we all enjoy the great taste of fresh, homemade ice cream
 While some were cranking, others were sliding down the railing!
  When Violet was done sliding, she even got a turn on the crank, with the assistance of Grandpa, of course!

So that ends another year of Christmas celebrations.  Looking forward to a couple quiet weekends around the house to catch up on the neglected work there.  Happy new year everyone!

Violet's 18 Month Update - a month late!

When you have your first kid you make sure everything goes perfectly - including scheduling the check-ups at the Doctor.  When you have more that one kid, things get done when they get done.  That sure was the case for Violet's 18 month wellness check.

After, unfortunately, a couple trips to urgent care over the past three months for a pesky ear infection that won't go away, we were finally at the clinic for some "normal" reasons.  Well, as it turns out, the ear infection is still there... this likely explains why she hasn't really returned to her normal sleeping self at night.  Another round of antibiotics and a follow-up in three weeks will hopefully finally zap this thing. 

Besides the ear infection, the Dr. feels that Violet is perfectly "normal" for her age, corrected age and birth age, she is right where she should be for a 18, oops, 19 month old!

Now for the stats:

Height - 31 1/4" (25th percentile)
Weight - 22# 13oz (25th percentile)
Head - 19" (85th percentile!)


The other thing we did quite a bit with Sylvia growing up was taking pictures of her dirty face after a yummy dinner. 

Not sure how much she really likes here picture take however...

Keep growing little one!

Christmas Part 2

New Year's Eve 2012 was the perfect day for Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Chicken.  Most were in high spirits coming off the great win by Minnesota over the Packers, but Monday was time for family and more importantly presents!

One of the traditions that Jamie and Leah had growing up was the stuffed stockings from Santa.  While Santa stopped by Charleen and Michael's house on Christmas Eve, it wasn't until New Year's Eve that the girls (and adults) could check out the goodies in the stockings.  Let's just say we won't need to buy any snacks for the next six months or so...  A Costco pack of Rice Krispie Bars, Goldfish, and Fruit Snacks is HUGE!

Then onto the presents...

Sylvia is back on her "Hello Kitty" phase, so this t-shirt was a great addition to her wardrobe. 

Blake was lucky enough to score a new camera, but I think the pimpin' hat was the present of the year!

While hard to see, that is a small fish bowl with two goldfish.  "Underwear" and "Socks".  It is sad to report that "Socks" is no longer with us...

Last, but not least, was the grand daddy of them all...  A four foot tall Minnie Mouse!

Are you kidding me with this monster!??!?!?  It did make for a fun ride home with Minnie sitting in between the two car seats.

After some more snacking, we headed home to enjoy New Year's Eve... as we were all in bed by 9:30!

Christmas Part 3 post is right around the corner... stay tuned.

Quick Christmas Recap Part I

As we are back into a "normal" routine, we will try to catch up on some posts from over the holiday break.

Christmas this year followed similar trends as prior years.  We start with some quiet time at home with just the four of us on Christmas Eve.  That night includes the opening of one present each.

 Sylvia enjoyed modeling dads new Viking horns.

Early Christmas morning took us downstairs to check the stockings and Sylvia and Violet were both pleasantly surprised with the goodies Santa left for them.

After the stockings and presents from Santa, it was off to Northfield for breakfast and presents at Dan and Kelley's.

Violet loves cinnamon rolls!

Sylvia and Shaylan discussing their new toys.

Violet is really starting to get this present thing!

Presents are not just for little kids... Blake is showing off his new PJ's (with footies!)

It was then off to the farm for lunch and more presents.  While we failed to take one picture while over there, the Anderson clan was together to celebrate another Christmas with Grandpa LeRoy and extended family and friends.

Half of our Christmas get-togethers are complete... Upcoming posts will cover Christmas at Charleen and Michael's as well as with the Brodds.