Bad Habits

As children grow, they always seem to pick up on what is surrounding them. While we try as parents to watch what we say and do around children, sometimes things 'slip out'. An example of this was while giving Sylvia a bath last night, someone may have said the "S" word. Within seconds Sylvia responded with "s h i t"... Jamie and I tried not to laugh, but it was too funny not to. Luckily, that word has not been repeated since.

Today, Ben and Bonnie watched Sylvia while we looked at some homes. While we were out, they taught Sylvia the world "buttons". As it turns out, she doesn't say 'buttons' well, however she sure can say 'butt' very well. Auntie Liz and Brent also experienced the 'butt' today... It was quite humorous.

While eating breakfast one morning, Jamie finished her cereal milk by drinking it out of the bowl. This habit, unfortunately, was not a one time deal for Sylvia. Ever since, she has been 'drinking' here food out of the bowl. Whether it is yogurt, cereal, or even ravioli, she loves to drink it down!

And here she is smiling with food in her mouth... seriously, where did she get that from?

Happy Monday... and watch out for those bad habits you may have!

St. Valentine's Day

We are not big on roses and candy hearts in this family, but we are big on pictures of Sylvia. Here are a couple of her playing with her Valentine's Day gift from Grandma & Grandpa Brodd

While most children play with clothes on, we feel that those can be too constricting when trying to stack blocks with great precision and agility. As you can see, she is concentrating very hard to accomplish this difficult task.

I have to admit that I was surprised with her segregation of the different shapes. She seems to leave the squares alone, I think because they have an off-set in them and they don't stack nice unless you put them together correctly. Maybe that is the next thing we need to work on.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa - Heart, Sylvia

Which looks the best?

Everyone seems to complain about the lack of a dining room in our home, so we stepped it up a bit. I installed a light hanging over the table, and we need to decide on what setting we should go with.

Stick with the bowl and candles or...

The place settings (with or without candles)

Please respond with your vote! Thanks

Here is the 'new' living room if anyone is interested.

One hat- two hat

White hat-green hat. Why wear 1 hat when you can wear 2 or 3? Sylvia likes to pick her outerwear out all by herself, so she frequently wears a fall coat instead of her winter coat. I guess she doesn't suffer through the winter like her mother does. Good thing she hasn't started picking out her clothes yet, or we may be wearing short skirts in February!

She has been big into saying yes and no. I think her responses have more to do with her mood than her actual wants. So needless to say, there are many more 'nos' then 'yeses' or as she says them 'yip'.

Sylvia loves her new class at daycare where the kids are much more active than the ones in the penguin room. The new bunnies (as they are called) keep busy all day long with lots of activities. One of these must be dancing, because Sylvia has learned to do the Macarena and the Electric Slide... just kidding, but she has learned how to spin in circles. It is kinda funny watching an 18 month old spin around a bunch than try to walk a strait line...

The other exciting thing is when you ask her to smile she will make a great face. She won't do it for other people, but I caught it so you can see what we enjoy nightly.


Other tricks to keeps to Mom and Dad only include animal noises and telling us how old she is. Maybe one day she will share these great talents with others!

Ice Cream for Breakfast

Per the previous post, you should know by now that the 1st Saturday in February is Ice Cream for Breakfast day.

Last year we built a big fort in the basement and Grandma had her hands full with all the grand-kids and Zach. This year we had a more relaxing day of celebration.

After Sylvia had breakfast #1 we headed over to Aaron and Jen's for waffles, ice cream and a fire.
She wasn't to sure about ice cream on her waffles. Maybe she only likes homemade ice cream?
The rest of us enjoyed some interesting combinations like Maple Nut ice cream with blueberry syrup or Ben & Jerry's Imagine Whirled Peace and applesauce... of course on top of waffles.

Sylvia did a great job of being the 'shy kid' for more than an hour, but then warmed up to Aaron, Jen, and the cats.

All in all it was a great ice cream for breakfast day and we thank Aaron and Jen for hosting. The countdown to next year's celebration is just 362 days away...

Don't Forget !!!

Saturday is Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day so fill those cereal bowls with ice cream and enjoy!