Bad Habits

As children grow, they always seem to pick up on what is surrounding them. While we try as parents to watch what we say and do around children, sometimes things 'slip out'. An example of this was while giving Sylvia a bath last night, someone may have said the "S" word. Within seconds Sylvia responded with "s h i t"... Jamie and I tried not to laugh, but it was too funny not to. Luckily, that word has not been repeated since.

Today, Ben and Bonnie watched Sylvia while we looked at some homes. While we were out, they taught Sylvia the world "buttons". As it turns out, she doesn't say 'buttons' well, however she sure can say 'butt' very well. Auntie Liz and Brent also experienced the 'butt' today... It was quite humorous.

While eating breakfast one morning, Jamie finished her cereal milk by drinking it out of the bowl. This habit, unfortunately, was not a one time deal for Sylvia. Ever since, she has been 'drinking' here food out of the bowl. Whether it is yogurt, cereal, or even ravioli, she loves to drink it down!

And here she is smiling with food in her mouth... seriously, where did she get that from?

Happy Monday... and watch out for those bad habits you may have!


Liz said...

way way way too cute.