Ice Cream for Breakfast

Per the previous post, you should know by now that the 1st Saturday in February is Ice Cream for Breakfast day.

Last year we built a big fort in the basement and Grandma had her hands full with all the grand-kids and Zach. This year we had a more relaxing day of celebration.

After Sylvia had breakfast #1 we headed over to Aaron and Jen's for waffles, ice cream and a fire.
She wasn't to sure about ice cream on her waffles. Maybe she only likes homemade ice cream?
The rest of us enjoyed some interesting combinations like Maple Nut ice cream with blueberry syrup or Ben & Jerry's Imagine Whirled Peace and applesauce... of course on top of waffles.

Sylvia did a great job of being the 'shy kid' for more than an hour, but then warmed up to Aaron, Jen, and the cats.

All in all it was a great ice cream for breakfast day and we thank Aaron and Jen for hosting. The countdown to next year's celebration is just 362 days away...