One hat- two hat

White hat-green hat. Why wear 1 hat when you can wear 2 or 3? Sylvia likes to pick her outerwear out all by herself, so she frequently wears a fall coat instead of her winter coat. I guess she doesn't suffer through the winter like her mother does. Good thing she hasn't started picking out her clothes yet, or we may be wearing short skirts in February!

She has been big into saying yes and no. I think her responses have more to do with her mood than her actual wants. So needless to say, there are many more 'nos' then 'yeses' or as she says them 'yip'.

Sylvia loves her new class at daycare where the kids are much more active than the ones in the penguin room. The new bunnies (as they are called) keep busy all day long with lots of activities. One of these must be dancing, because Sylvia has learned to do the Macarena and the Electric Slide... just kidding, but she has learned how to spin in circles. It is kinda funny watching an 18 month old spin around a bunch than try to walk a strait line...

The other exciting thing is when you ask her to smile she will make a great face. She won't do it for other people, but I caught it so you can see what we enjoy nightly.


Other tricks to keeps to Mom and Dad only include animal noises and telling us how old she is. Maybe one day she will share these great talents with others!