Homemade Ice Cream for Christmas!

Ever since I can remember, Christmas time at the farm also included making homemade ice cream. Since the farm was sold and the Brodd family Christmas has moved to my parents house, the tradition of making homemade ice cream has continued. It is tradition that everyone cranks away on the maker for a while. It seems that the ice cream tastes better the harder you work at it.

Brent is taking his turn while 'supervisors' watch over his every crank.

For those who don't know how a homemade ice cream maker works, basically you mix a bunch of eggs, sugar, cream, and vanilla into a metal mixing bowl. Inside that bowl is a paddle type mixer that attaches to the crank. The outside of the mixing bowl is surrounded with ice and rock salt. After about 15 minutes of cranking you have a yummy treat. The winner ends up cleaning the ice cream off the paddle. This year it was Sylvia and I who got the goods.

Diggin' in...

After spilling all over Daddy, we decided to eat in a more civilized manner.

Our apologies for the lack of posts. How about a new year's resolution to post more often?
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