Christmas on New Year's Day !??!??!

As a final episode to Christmas 2009, we headed up to Michael and Charleen's to celebrate Christmas on New Year's Day. Since they were kind enough to watch Sylvia the night prior, Jamie and I had a chance to grab a nice dinner and hang out with a friends (while they all chased after their children). It was very relaxing!

The grandkids (post present opening)

Sylvia sure loves her new toy broom.

Grandma and Sylvia with matching leggings...

Sylvia with her sock monkey shirt.

with close up...

Fill in the blank with any expression you feel

While the broom was a hit, the real winner may have been the snow shovel. Sylvia did a great job of 'shoveling' up the wrapping paper.

We of course ate way too much and opened way too many presents, but it was a nice relaxing day and a great ending to Christmas 2009. Thankfully we have about 350 more days to get ready from Christmas 2010!
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