18 month checkup

Monday was Sylvia's 18 month checkup. For the most part everything was fine, except when the Dr. asked if she was sleeping OK. I responded with "for the most part, but we figured she was teething because she would wake up every once in a while". The Dr. politely responded with "It is likely she isn't sleeping as well because she has a double ear infection." As I am thinking to myself 'worst parents ever!'... Anyway, she has been on antibiotics since and loves them by the way.

The thing we always look forward to is the height and weight.

Weight - 20# 8 oz (3%)
Height - 31" (25%)

She did jump a bit in height this time, but is still following the lower limit on weight... No comment on who see takes after there!

After dinner tonight, Sylvia was running around the house with her alligator. She did have a few moments to stop and strike a pose...

She also wanted to do her best Liz impression:

For Reference:
(By the way... This is what you get when you comment on how little we update our blog!)


Liz said...

Mean mean mean! Good thing that kid is cute (and tiny) or I might be offended!! thanks for updating your blog, by the way, and making me laugh out loud.