Christmas at the Dunphy's

Catching up on some additional Christmas pictures.

As has been tradition for as long as I have known Jamie, Christmas morning is shared with Dan and Kelley. We generally arrive at their home to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls and hot coffee. As our families continue to grow, timelines and gifts change, but we still share the morning together.

Adam, Shaylan, and Sylvia really enjoyed reading the nursery rhyme book.

Another picture to be filed under the "Awww" category was when Shaylan filled up her toy kitchen set with water from the refrigerator (the real one) and shared a glass of water with Sylvia. Suprisingly enough, very little water was spilled on the floor.

As noon was approaching, it was time to pack up all the bags and move the party to Jane and Ron's house for Xmas #2. While the camera was in the bag for most of the day, we did manage to snap a picture of Grandpa and the Great Grandchildren.

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