Violet's Party

Last weekend we celebrated Violet's 2nd birthday with family.  It is hard to believe that she is two years old already, but as they say, time does fly by...

Grandma and Grandpa Chicken arrived a bit early to help out with some of the cooking and to spend some time with the girls.  As it turns out, the namesake was in full effect as a tub of baby chicks was brought over.  No, we are not getting chickens, but the flock(?) is growing at G&G's house.

As more of the family arrived, we headed outside where the cousins gave the playset a good workout.  The swinging seems pretty tame, but there was some crazy ball down the slide game that was invented later on.  Luckily no serious injuries!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!  Well she didn't actually cry, but this picture turned out great!

The crew enjoying some good food and great conversation

I love my gluten free, soy free, dairy free birthday cake!  Thanks Mom!  (actually it wasn't that bad - she had three pieces!)

Trinity and Charleen

There was a brief time when it was going to rain, then not rain, then rain, so we just moved the party inside.  Violet didn't really feel in the mood to open her presents, so that is what big sisters are for!

Stuffed animal friend from Megan


Violet threw an absolute fit when we didn't open the bubbles.  After about 60 seconds of yelling, we caved, but she still wasn't happy until she could hold them.  That was not going to happen!

Thanks again for everyone that could make it.  It was great to get the extended family together to share in the fun!

Sylvia's Pre-K Graduation

Last week our "big girl" took her first major step in education.  Graduation from preschool to Kindergarten!  When we were first told of the ceremony (and the fee for the cap and gown), I was like really... but as it turns out, the ceremony was great and as it also turns out, this is a big deal.  Maybe it didn't hit me since she doesn't start "real" school until the fall, but this night really does start that transition into her next journey.

Sylvia was very excited for the graduation ceremony, likely due to the teachers really hamming it up the week prior.  She wasn't too excited about the singing however.  She thought that is was "ennoying" -  I guess this is something we will work on in Kindergarten... it is annoying, not ennoying!

 The Pre-K Graduating Class of 2013!

 Teachers - Ms. Samantha, Ms. Dana, Ms. Angelica, and Ms. Marnie

The diploma

 The proud graduate!

 The proud Daddy!

 The proud Mommy - not sure about that kiss however!

It was also a bittersweet night as Ms. Samantha and Ms. Marnie are both moving on to new jobs outside of Peace of Mind.  They are both fantastic teachers and will be greatly missed!

 The last special treat of the night was a certificate that Sylvia put together with her teachers.  For those that can't read the fine print, the Q&A is below.

 1.  Who is your best friend?  Jamie (as much as mom wants to take credit, there is a girl in Sylvia's class named Jamie.  There is also a Adam and a Violet believe it our not!)

2.  What was your favorite lunch?  Macaroni and Cheese

3.  What are you going to be when you grow up?  Train Track Driver

4.  Will you get married?  Have kids?  No I will not

5.  How much money will you have in your bank when you are 20?  1000

6.  What was your favorite thing about being in PRE-K?  That you learn new things

Finally, for those with 3 minutes to spare... the sounds of the 2013 Peace of Mind Pre-K Class!

Violet's 2 Year Checkup

Our little baby is two years old!  

Opening presents on Monday night with big sister helping

Facetiming with Dad who was out of town at the time

 Finishing up presents - this one from Ben and Bonnie

While she maybe entered the world a bit early, she has more than caught up!  Her two year appointment and all is well.

Height - 33" (25th percentile)
Weight - 24# (10th percentile)
Head - 19.25" (75th percentile)

(just a reminder of how small she was)
Comparing to Sylvia when she was two year old
Height - 32.5"(shorter than Violet)
Weight - 24.8# (just a bit heavier than Violet)

As she continues to grow, she enters new "phases" in her life including her "NO!" phase, which is not as fun as her "yes" phase.  She is also becoming very independent and definitely will copy everything her big sister does.

We are looking forward to celebrating with family this weekend!