Violet's 2 Year Checkup

Our little baby is two years old!  

Opening presents on Monday night with big sister helping

Facetiming with Dad who was out of town at the time

 Finishing up presents - this one from Ben and Bonnie

While she maybe entered the world a bit early, she has more than caught up!  Her two year appointment and all is well.

Height - 33" (25th percentile)
Weight - 24# (10th percentile)
Head - 19.25" (75th percentile)

(just a reminder of how small she was)
Comparing to Sylvia when she was two year old
Height - 32.5"(shorter than Violet)
Weight - 24.8# (just a bit heavier than Violet)

As she continues to grow, she enters new "phases" in her life including her "NO!" phase, which is not as fun as her "yes" phase.  She is also becoming very independent and definitely will copy everything her big sister does.

We are looking forward to celebrating with family this weekend!