Baby Mohawk

Bath time with Sylvia and Violet has become a couple time a week affair, and while Violet doesn't stay in the tub for too long, Sylvia does everything she can do to help.

Last week, Violet was in a great mood, so why not style her hair a bit?

Have a happy Wednesday!


Last Sunday morning we enjoyed some time at the Ham Lake Bowling Alley!  A couple months back, there was a Groupon for open bowl for 5 as well as unlimited pop and a large pizza.  Since it was close to Michael and Charleen's house, we figured it was worth a shot.  The expiration date was just around the corner, so the time was now.

Sylvia was excited with the various colored balls.  Since the ramp is a great delivery aide for young children, she was able to use balls from 6# up to 14# (with Dad's help of course)

Watching another great "throw" down the lane

Not the best of scores for a bunch of hacks, but notice the name on the bottom with the high score...  Sylvia had the high game with 112!

Granted Sylvia was the only one bowling with bumpers, she enjoyed the win!

V's First Report Card

Last week Violet had an appointment at Children's Hospital as a follow-up from her NICU discharge.  They take measurements, perform the typical physical, and then have a robust testing of various skills (language, motor, and cognitive).  It was interesting to watch the Bayley test being performed.  The RN that was performing the test did a great job of urging Violet to get that next task checked off.  

The appointment lasted about 2 hours, but time really did fly by.

Her "report card" is shown below.  (Click to enlarge)

These visits will continue until Violet is in kindergarten.  It will be interesting to watch her grow!

Happy Valentine's Day

It is time for Valentines week once again.  Remember back to 2009, we had a similar post with Sylvia.  This time it is Violet's turn to pose for the camera... once again wearing the same outfit as her sister (poor kid with the hand-me-downs)


Beach Party

With the unseasonably warm weather, you may as well head to the beach, right?

The weekend we spent at the cabin for Christmas / Adam's Birthday was in the 30's and there was no snow on the ground.  After an attempt at ice fishing, Sylvia asked to open the shed for the beach toys.  Why not?

While most of the sand was frozen, she was still able to get some good digging in.

The lack of snow has been a bit of bummer for the activities we had planned for this winter, but Sylvia has done a good job rollin' with the punches.

8 Big Ones!

Not sure how it happened, but she is 8 months old! She is full of smiles and giggles. Don't let the smiles fool you, she will gnaw your finger off!