Last Sunday morning we enjoyed some time at the Ham Lake Bowling Alley!  A couple months back, there was a Groupon for open bowl for 5 as well as unlimited pop and a large pizza.  Since it was close to Michael and Charleen's house, we figured it was worth a shot.  The expiration date was just around the corner, so the time was now.

Sylvia was excited with the various colored balls.  Since the ramp is a great delivery aide for young children, she was able to use balls from 6# up to 14# (with Dad's help of course)

Watching another great "throw" down the lane

Not the best of scores for a bunch of hacks, but notice the name on the bottom with the high score...  Sylvia had the high game with 112!

Granted Sylvia was the only one bowling with bumpers, she enjoyed the win!