At the Cabin

Last weekend we headed out to the lake for a long weekend.  The weather was OK, but it made for great working weather...  Since the past two summers have seen flooding on the lower part of the lawn near the river, we felt it would be a good project to move the fence out of the flood plain.  Adam and Jim were started working on the fence Friday night, but we had some help on Saturday

Sylvia did a great job of handing screws to dad and grandpa one at a time.  She also helped separate the big screws from the small screws.

Believe it or not, I did use the fence post pounder once again.  After knocking me out of commission a couple years back, I took on the beast again... This time with no injuries or urgent care visits to speak of!

The frogs and toads were also preparing for the fall.  We must have seen 50 of them throughout the weekend.  Sylvia was pointing out this toad as it tried to drink some of dad's coffee.

Why stop at frogs and toads... How about some worms!  Sylvia did attempt to touch the worms with her bare hands, but felt that mittens were needed for protection from these slimy creatures.

And what is a trip to the lake without a 4-wheeler ride!  I think we may have a daredevil on our hands since dad wasn't driving fast enough or going far enough...  Sylvia did however want dad to "hold me real tight", so maybe she isn't completely fearless.

We hope to get back out to the lake next weekend.  Maybe some fun pictures of pulling in the dock with 40 mph winds and 50 degree water!