Alpaca Farm

Last weekend, one of Adam's co-workers had an open house at his farm for "Alpaca Days".  His wife has a "hobby farm" of about 60 Alpacas, a couple horses, a bunch of chickens and ducks, and don't forget the two pot-bellied pigs.

We were hoping for more close and personal pictures with Sylvia and the animals, but she was a bit tired from the long drive over.

 Our guide / escort was saying that they only get sheared 1x a year.

 This newborn was outfitted with a child's sweater vest

  They opened the gates a bunch of them ran out to the pasture.

Sylvia did find a tree swing that she absolutely loved.  

It was a long drive, but we all had a great time.  Thanks to Willem for his hospitality.


JFibers said...

You're so lucky!!!