I'm a Little Turkey

As we prepare for Violet to come home, we are going through old bins of baby stuff. Jamie came across a bag of Ginny dolls that Megan was going to toss out when she moved to San Fransico. If you don't know about these dolls, they are more of the collectable, stick'em on the shelf type dolls. Not the typical kids play doll.

Well, Sylvia did a great job of gentle play (for about 2 minutes), but then the clothes started coming off, and the body parts didn't have a chance! (notice the look on her face)

"Mom, I found a head!"

Sylvia was acting very similar to the Honey Badger. For those who are not aware of the honey badgers powers, you should click on the name above to learn more.

Have a great day... another update on Violet soon (including graphs!)