7.5 Week Update

Today was Violet's first visit with her pediatrician in Woodbury. While she has been poked, prodded, inspected, and measured by doctors every day since she was born, today she finally got a "normal" doctors visit.

Since moving to Woodbury, we have only had to go to the clinic once, for Sylvia's 2 year checkup, but we were happy with the Dr. then. Today was no different. While to wait was a bit long to get in, mostly due to paperwork, the appointment itself was pretty painless.

So now the stats.

The put Violet on the Premie curve, so these numbers were a bit shocking.

Height - 20 inches - 95th percentile
Weight - 6# 3.5 oz - 80th percentile
Head - 13.5 inches - 94th percentile

As a point of reference, Sylvia was hovering between the 3rd and 5th percentiles her entire childhood. It will be interesting to see the differences in these two girls as they grow.


Liz said...

Way to grow Violet! And I love that picture - she looks sooo peaceful!

JFibers said...

It's so great that she's at the top of the charts already!! She's a superstar already.