6 Week Update - Big Sister Visit

Violet is six weeks old today. She continues to grow and get closer to coming home. She currently weighs 5# 12oz, which is much bigger than her 3# 4oz birth weight, but still quite tiny as you can see compared to dad's frame.

Holding on tight to dad's shirt

Since Sylvia hasn't seen Violet yet, and it is possible that Violet is coming home next week, we wanted to let Sylvia get to see her little sister at the place she has been growing up the past six weeks.

At first she didn't really know what to do. We had to talk in quiet voices, make sure our hands were washed multiple times, and become aware of all the equipment, wires, and beeps.
But after a bit, it was no problem at all.
Small hand, smaller foot
Sisters checking each other out

The visit was short, about 15 minutes total, but we think that is was good for Sylvia to see her little baby gouda. Next steps are getting Violet home and teaching Sylvia her sisters 'real' name!


JFibers said...

Violet is getting so big... Sylvia will make a great sister! Can't wait for you guys to be all together!