We would like to introduce Little Miss Violet.

She had a great first 18 hours, so Jamie got to spend some time holding her! She has been breathing on her own since this morning and all vitals look great.

Already has a pacifier... and the color is perfect!
Mom, Dad, and Violet

Talking with the nurses today, it is still unknown when she can come home. A lot depends on how she breaths, eats, and maintains body temp. They are estimating 5-7 weeks if all goes well.

The tiny diaper

Thank you all for the good wishes, prayers, company, and food over the last two weeks. Jamie should be coming home on Monday or Tuesday.

Mom and Dad are still working through the middle name, but we wanted to get this out now.


becky0950s said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations! I'll keep all 4 of you in my thoughts and prayers :)


Trinity said...

That is a great name! Thanks for sharing pictures. She is so tiny, but she looks like she is thriving. Go Violet, go!

Liz said...

Beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. She may be little, but I bet she's got lots of spunk like her big sister. Congrats!

B&B said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful and looks great. We're sending good thoughts and our prayers to all of you. We can't wait to meet

Anonymous said...

As Trinity said, "Go Violet go!"!!! She looks wonderful! Keep on growing, everyone is sending her good vibes! Yay for the 5 Brodds!

All the best,
Sara Strait

Anonymous said...

we would like to vote on the middle name!!! our vote is....ROSE :)
the Berry and Cornelius family (and all my freinds at the fire last night :)

Liz said...

The hat fits! What a beautiful baby girl, can't wait to meet her.

Auntie Liz