Violet Update

Just wanted to share a picture of our little peanut. She has been doing great! Her weight is back to birth weight and has been doing ok with taking milk. Some spitting up from time to time, but for the most part, she is just fine.

Jamie has been able to spend most every day in the NICU when Sylvia is in school and Adam is at work. Lots of kangaroo time (basically skin on skin contact) for mommy and Violet.

We got a picture of her digs for those who are interested. Basically a bunch of medical stuff, a couple monitors, a couch and work area to the left, and her little "bed" or isolette. It definitely looks much worse than it is... Oh, and the nurses and doctors have been fantastic!

No word on an estimated time to come home... We just need to continue doing what we are doing and the homecoming will be right around the corner.


becky0950s said...

She's a beauty! Great timing on the new picture...I'm home sick today and seeing Violet looking so calm and healthy made my day :)

B and B said...

She's beautiful. Glad she's doing
so well.