"But Why?" and 3 Week Update

"But why?" This question has been asked of mom and dad about 3,263 times in the last week by Sylvia. I guess she finally hit the age where she wants to know why things are how they are.

A: Sylvia, it's time for school.
S: But why?

A: Sylvia, let's buckle into our carseat
S: But why?

J: Let's put our pajamas on
S: But why?

Well... you get the picture. I guess that is much better than "NO!"

Today after school we packed up a picnic and headed to Lake Elmo Park. We enjoyed some time on the swings prior to our picnic and Sylvia was a smiley little peanut!

She even played some hide and seek with camera.

Surprisingly our picnic was somewhat peaceful and leaving wasn't too difficult. i.e. no kicking and screaming on the way to the car. I guess promises of a Dairy Queen Blizzard will do that!

Since most of the posts have been Violet based over the past three weeks, we needed to give Sylvia her due, but I am sure you all want an update on the little one as well... Her three week birthday was today. She had a couple ups and downs this week with the O2 levels, but was hanging in there today for almost 4 hours without O2. I happened to be there to grab a couple pictures without the tube in her nose.

Her weight has sorta peaked just below the 4# mark, but that is expected with the antibiotics and other meds she has been given over the past few days. The doctors and nurses say this is all "par for the course", but it is hard to see our little one back on O2 after being off it so early on in the process.
"View from the port hole"

We continue to spend as much time as we can at the hospital with her and can't wait for the day when she comes home... No updates on the timetable, but I'm guessing it will be for at least 2-3 weeks.