Happy Halloween!

I was making Tater-Tot Hotdish for dinner and when I took out the garbage this is what I saw. It is Halloween, but this is not her costume.

She is wearing her frog rain boots, gopher sweatsuit, life jacket (just in case) and her winter hat. It is lots of fun to suck up the tassels with the vacuum.

Time to go trick or treating!

Trick or Treat

By Sunday Sylvia should be all ready for Halloween. She got to practice today at school and tonight we will get more practice. I hope she got yummy candy :) We will have to teach her to say "Trick or Treat chocolate please"

Cabin Fun

The cabin is in the final stages of construction, but the last 10% seems to take 90% of the time (right Mom and Dad...). A couple weekends ago, we grouted the floors. Sylvia did a great job of 'helping' grandma lay down the blue tape on every tile. I can't imagine doing this if you have to pay $7.00 a roll!

During our break from grouting, the last of the water toys needed to be brought in. The boat lift really isn't a two person job, but between a 55 gallon plastic drum and the 4-wheeler, we were able to get the job done.

Sylvia did a little searching the the sand and came across a shell. It seems like that shell was from a Florida beach... Must be some crazy tides that brought it up to Minnesota!
Sylvia enjoyed playing on Grandma's teeter-totter as well.

Big Smiles

We had a hat fashion show at Missy's today. This was Sylvia's favorite picture. My favorite hat made her look like a little bear. I hope Missy got a good picture of her in that hat, but it might have been tough because she was jumping around like a monkey.

More pics from Missy here

Afton Apple

Catching up on old blogs... About a month ago, we headed over to Afton Apple to check out the orchard and activities for Sylvia. They do charge a nominal admission fee, but once inside, there were a bunch of things to keep Sylvia busy.

The stacks of haybails and the huge playground were our first stop.
Next was the petting zoo. It had the typical animals (cow, goats, sheep, donkey) that you could feed if you wanted... Maybe next year?
Sylvia's favorite part was the wagon ride. I think we could have rode that all day long.

The wagon ride stopped at the pumpkin patch where Sylvia picked out her pumpkin.
That one is too big! (i.e. too expensive based on $0.49/pound)

We had a great time at the orchard and was even able to score some Honeycrisp seconds... Yummy apples at a good price.


We will have more pictures later, but wanted to give you a little appetizer. It looks like she was really going for it, but she just gently tapped the ghost :)

Thanks for the pic Missy.

Art Time

Once or twice a week, Sylvia's school sends us pictures of what is going on that day.

Quickly look at the picture below and tell me which one is Sylvia...

Now look again... Are you sure you picked the right kid? I didn't the first time!

For those who have seen the show "How I Met Your Mother", you will be happy to know that Sylvia attends school with her doppelganger.

It Must Be Fall

Sylvia has begun preparing her winter reserves. Last weekend, Grandma sent home some gourds for Sylvia. They have made the rounds in the grocery cart along with baby. I think Sylvia wanted to protect them from either Mom and Dad or Lucy, so she covered them up with her blanket.

Oh, and yes, it is normal to wear a tie-die onsie with leggings and a pink bow in her hair...

Duluth Trip - Part II

OK - we are getting behind on our post, so this one will be quick. Here are a bunch of pictures from near our hotel in Duluth. I am sure the colors are more 'fall-like' this weekend, but we still had a great time visiting the town where we met.