Afton Apple

Catching up on old blogs... About a month ago, we headed over to Afton Apple to check out the orchard and activities for Sylvia. They do charge a nominal admission fee, but once inside, there were a bunch of things to keep Sylvia busy.

The stacks of haybails and the huge playground were our first stop.
Next was the petting zoo. It had the typical animals (cow, goats, sheep, donkey) that you could feed if you wanted... Maybe next year?
Sylvia's favorite part was the wagon ride. I think we could have rode that all day long.

The wagon ride stopped at the pumpkin patch where Sylvia picked out her pumpkin.
That one is too big! (i.e. too expensive based on $0.49/pound)

We had a great time at the orchard and was even able to score some Honeycrisp seconds... Yummy apples at a good price.