Cabin Fun

The cabin is in the final stages of construction, but the last 10% seems to take 90% of the time (right Mom and Dad...). A couple weekends ago, we grouted the floors. Sylvia did a great job of 'helping' grandma lay down the blue tape on every tile. I can't imagine doing this if you have to pay $7.00 a roll!

During our break from grouting, the last of the water toys needed to be brought in. The boat lift really isn't a two person job, but between a 55 gallon plastic drum and the 4-wheeler, we were able to get the job done.

Sylvia did a little searching the the sand and came across a shell. It seems like that shell was from a Florida beach... Must be some crazy tides that brought it up to Minnesota!
Sylvia enjoyed playing on Grandma's teeter-totter as well.